hqdefaultReligion and the media invites us to look at how religion is presented and discussed in the public sphere, and how such representations affect discourses of religion and culture in various societies. Religion and media invites us to look at electronic mediums arising out of the Internet such as social media sites, electronic public forums, and computer or smartphone applications which allow us to engage or practice religion in new ways.

previewThis course will explore both ends of the spectrum as well as overlapping discussions on Religion and its relationship with Media in various forms. We will address questions such as: Are regional variations of religion becoming more globalized? How do media shape the ways we view religious traditions outside our own? How do new methods of communications, socialization, and organization affect religious institutions or religious practice? Are all religious traditions able to have a ‘virtual’ presence? What role does the media play in constituting religious identity?

Jesus-iphoneThis will be a seminar-styled course, with many round table discussions. You should come to class prepared, bring your readings to class, and have discussion points or questions about the readings ready so we can engage in thoughtful and enthusiastic discussion!


This course has a “fourth hour” component, during which we will meet in the evenings (about once a month) to watch a longer length film/video and have a discussion. I will be taking attendance during these events!

All readings will be on D2L, organized weekly in folders. Download Religion and Media syllabus here or find on D2L.